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Hi, I'm Hayley and I'm the founder of LoveSoul. The idea for LoveSoul started to come to me at the start of 2019 and I developed the idea until the start of 2020, which was when I started to launch the business. Well I actually feel like this is not just a business to me, I feel like this is my calling and I'll tell you why...

I have always been a huge animal lover since I can remember, and felt like I have a special connection and an overwhelming compassion for all animals. I can remember being so upset if an animal got hurt on TV, and would be hysterical if an animal got hurt in real life. I've just always thought they are so beautiful and pure and innocent, and I really cannot stand the thought of any animal suffering or being hurt. In my eyes every animal is a beautiful angel!

I never liked the thought of where meat came from when I was really young, and I didn't really enjoy eating it either, so at the age of 13 I decided to become vegetarian, not really knowing about veganism at the time. I can remember a lot of people really didn't understand why I was vegetarian and would criticise me for it, but I never let it get to me and there was absolutely no going back to eating beautiful innocent animals. I didn't know about veganism until a long time after and didn't realise that dairy and eggs also involved so much harm and murder. I was in my mid 30's when I became more and more aware of the horrors of the dairy industry through social media. And so, I decided that dairy was just as bad as meat and I started to become vegan. In the first few years I unfortunately did have a few occasions where I didn't stick to it. I would go to parties, events or be on holiday where there were no vegan options and I didn't want to seem rude, so I'd eat the vegetarian food instead.  Now looking back this seems like a poor excuse, and I really wish I had just stuck to my principles and stuck with it. That always seems to be every vegan's regret - they wish they had done it sooner! Anyway, in January 2018, I made a new year's resolution to stick to it for good, and I have been a committed vegan ever since! :) Now I just make sure I'm organised and ask upfront or only book places with vegan options, and I don't mind asking as much now either. Vegan options have become so much more available in the last few years that it's so easy now too. Over the last couple of years I've learned so much about the negative effects of the meat and dairy industry and the positive effects of veganism, that I've become quite obsessed! Because of this I'm hoping to start helping with some animal activism and helping at a local animal sanctuary too!

At the same time as my vegan journey I was also taking another journey with my career and what I wanted out of life. I've had my own business for quite a while, and a few years ago I had to distance myself from it as I was suffering with really bad stress and anxiety. I was meant to spend some time off work at home and chill out, but because I can't just chill and always have to be achieving something I became really depressed. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, as I couldn't go into work because that made me feel ill and stressed, and I couldn't stay at home because that made me depressed. I'd end up crying most days, wondering what to do with myself. Eventually, I decided to play around with some work from home businesses to keep me occupied. Over the following few years I went all around my hat trying out various businesses, but never found anything that truly satisfied me. Even though I had been successful with some, they still didn't feel right and I still wasn't entirely happy. I felt like there was something missing and there was something else out there that was perfect for me. I found myself doing a lot of soul searching and becoming quite spiritual over the last few years. I did a lot of reading and researching on how to improve mindset, and how to find out what my sole purpose is in life. I became fascinated by the law of attraction and the universe and started to read more and more about it. Over the years I've become a firm believer in the universe and energy. So much so, that I started looking to the universe for signs, and I truly believe that the universe started to give me signs about LoveSoul. The more I looked for signs, the more ideas I would get and eventually I realised the idea for the business and work that I wanted to do....

This is something where I feel like I can help people with their mindset, help animals and help the environment by spreading a positive message to more people.

I believe that positive energy starts within yourself and first you have to learn to love yourself and raise your energy vibrations before you can start to inspire others and spread positive energy to others around you. Everything in the universe is connected as one by energy. We are the universe and the universe is us. Once we live a positive life and believe and trust in the universe we can manifest anything.

I believe that all life matters and all animals deserve to be free, so we should not harm or kill any living creatures. I believe that the meat and dairy only contains negative energy because is causes animals to live a life full of harm and suffering and then eventually murder. Therefore people should not be consuming the negative energy which would be inside the dead flesh of the animal, or inflicting that suffering and negative energy on animals by contributing to the industry with their purchases. Energy is a cycle; your energy and actions determine the energy you get back and the life that you will lead, therefore causing harm to animals or any other living being will only bring you negative energy and a negative live. We are currently killing over 70 billion land animals and 2 trillion sea animals per year, so I believe that this is causing horrific amounts of negative energy in the world. We are now massively seeing the negative physical effects in the world from this too!  Eating animals is not the circle of live, it is the circle of death! The scale at which we are killing animals is causing so much negative energy that it is killing the earth.

Last, but not least I believe that we should all respect and take care of the beautiful planet that we live on. This is our home, and it truly is a blessing to us, there is no other living organism like it as far as we know and it has given life to so many creatures for billions of years. I think it is about time that we started to care of and give life back to her. By living a vegan life and caring for animals and the earth we are living a positive life and giving out more positive energy to the earth and universe. This is the true circle of life. Energy is everything and everything is a cycle...

LoveSoul - to love your own soul, love others, animals, the soul of the earth and the universe...

And so with LoveSoul I wanted to create inspiring products with meaningful messages. I'm hoping that I can create a community of like minded people that will appreciate these products and want to wear or use them to empower themselves first; but then also to spread the message of them... to spread these beliefs, educate others, and eventually to create more positive energy to everything and everyone around us. My initial idea was to create a range of apparel and accessories, so these items will be released in our launch phase. Later this year we will be expanding into a beautiful range of jewellery, and also crystals, which are supercharged with healing energy. We also have a lot more to come after that, but we'll keep that a surprise for now.

One of the most exciting aspects of my new business idea was to use it as a way to help and give back to the causes that I'm passionate about. After a lot of research I decided to partner with Ecologi, who will be planting one tree in the Madagascan mangroves or the UK with every item purchased from our site. Doing this enables us to offset some of the carbon used in producing and shipping our products, and also replaces some of the trees that are destroyed by the millions every day in the world. We will also be donating a percentage of every purchase to three very important causes - Surge Animals Rights Organisation, OPS Oceanic Preservation Society, and Born Free Wildlife Foundation. You can choose which charity you would like the donation to go to at checkout!

I want GOOD to come from your purchase all round - you purchase a beautiful piece that you really love; that piece has been ethically made and is eco friendly; that piece has a meaningful message that inspires people and spreads positive energy; and that piece also contributes to our charity donations, working for causes that we both care about. A purchase that has a positive cycle of energy!

For me this business and this work is how I can create a positive contribution to your mindset, to others around you, and also to the vegan and environment movements, and that is why I feel like the universe gave me those signs and why it is my calling. It really is like a dream come true! :)

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