At LoveSoul we believe that every being is important and has just as much right to life as the next, but some beings existence is more imperative to the life of humans and the the Earth. One of the most important beings on the Earth is bees...

Bees are the worlds best pollinators!

Bees travel from plant to plant collecting pollen as food for their young. They collect the pollen in branched hairs and bristles on their legs called pollen baskets. As they seek the food from the plant, some pollen will accidentally catch on their hairs and will be transported with them to the next plants that they visit. The pollen will then fall onto the plants, naturally fertilising and reproducing them.

Although there are other natural pollinators such as wind, other insects, bats and birds; bees are able to pollinate plants on a much larger scale. Other insects and animals will only collect the pollen for their own food, whereas bees will collect pollen for their nests and will therefore collect pollen in larger amounts and from a larger number and a wider array of plant species.

Bees pollinate more that 90% of world crops!

Bees are responsible for naturally pollinating more than 90% of the worlds crops including crops that provide us with fruit, vegetables, nuts, coffee and even the cotton that we wear. Therefore, bees are responsible for creating plants that provide most of the food and nutrients that the entire worlds human population survives upon.

Without wild bees, farmers would need to manually pollinate crops which would take a lot of time and manpower. It is estimated that is would cost around £1.8billion per year in the UK alone to do the work that bees currently do in naturally pollinating crops for humans.

Bees uphold the food chain and biodiversity!

As well as our crops, bees are responsible for pollinating around 80% of all wild flowers, which provide food and habitats for other insects and small animals.

In turn, these insects and small animals will be eaten by carnivorous insects and animals. Therefore, bees play an important part in upholding the food chain by providing plants for herbivorous animals at the bottom of the food chain.

With the decline in bees we are seeing a huge decline in plant species, which in turn causes a decline in other insects and animals. In the UK and Europe alone we have seen a 76% decline in plant species that are preferred by bumble bees!

So you see we NEED bees!

They are so important to the health of our eco systems and environment - they are absolutely vital in the creating of our crops, and habitats and food for other animals. Without bees our food chain and biodiversity would probably collapse and the world as we know it would never be the same again.

We have some beautiful 'Save the Bees' products at LoveSoul...

All of our products are vegan and eco friendly! We also plant a tree and donate to charity with every item purchased!

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