LoveSoul is about knowing the importance of loving every soul and the soul of everything...

You need to love yourself, others, animals, nature, earth and the universe. Love is one of the highest energy vibrations, and the energy we put out is the energy we get back.

Everything in the universe is connected by energy!

When we are positive we give out positive/high energy vibrations. These positive energy vibrations get absorbed by everything and everyone around us and make them more positive, therefore we have a positive effect on them. When the things and beings around us become more positive, they then give off positive vibrations and we therefore get positive energy back from them. This is why we should love everything and everyone around us -  we should love and cherish every life.

Everything is a cycle of energy, and we will not be fulfilled with love, happiness and positivity until we truly care and love everything and every being on the earth and in the universe.


We wanted to create original designed ranges & products that our followers would love and that would also spread an important message and inspire people who see them. We focus on veganism as we believe that no beings should ever be harmed or killed, a positive mindset to enable us to love ourselves and give out positivity to everyone and everything around us, and caring for the environment and the earth as we all should take care of where we live. Life is a blessing and every life matters, plus we are all connected as one with energy.

We wanted to design a range of minimalist wearable clothing and accessories that have meaning, and that also send out important and thought provoking messages to anyone that see's them. Within our movements - veganism, environmentalism and mindset - it is important to educate more people about what is really going on and how we can make better and more positive changes to the world we live in.


We work hard to make sure that all of our products are vegan, cruelty free, eco friendly, recycled and have zero plastic packaging. Most of our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton. And some of our clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles, or eucalyptus and beech tree pulp! Please see our sustainability and ethical policies.

At LoveSoul you can buy products that are close to your heart and spread an important message, but you will also be able to help us donate to charities that you care about. Our pledge is to donate a percentage of every purchase to charities working within these areas. We have chosen three amazing charities to work with...

The first charity is Surge Animal Rights Organisation - Surge is a grassroots animal rights organisation, founded by animal activist Ed Winters (Earthling Ed), determined to create a world where compassion towards all non-human animals is the norm. Their vision is a world in which all animals are free from human-inflicted oppression and violence.

The second charity is OPS - Oceanic Preservation Societyworks to inspire, empower, and connect a global community of activists through film and never-before-seen images that expose the most critical issues of our time. Working to expose the truth and protect the planet. Some of their most popular films have been The Cove and The Game Changers.

The third charity is the Born Free Foundation - Founded by Will Travers, Virginia McKenna OBE and Bill Travers MBE. Virginia and Bill starred in the classic wildlife film Born Free. They work tirelessly to ensure that all wild animals, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs. They work to conserve and protect wild animals, natural habitats and functioning ecosystems in perpetuity. Born Free aims to end the exploitation of wild animals whether free-living or in captivity and to ‘Keep Wildlife In The Wild’.

 At checkout you will be able to choose which charity you would like a percentage of your purchase to be donated to!

We have also partnered with Ecologi who will be planting one tree in the Madagascan mangroves for every item purchased within our store! The mangroves store 4 x the carbon compared to tropical rainforests. Ecologi are also now planting tress in the UK! You can see the amount of trees our customers have planted in our own live online forest here - LoveSoul Forest.

We want GOOD to come from your purchase all round - you purchase a beautiful piece that you really love; that piece has been ethically made and is eco friendly; that piece has a meaningful message that inspires people and spreads positive energy; and that piece also contributes to our charity donations, working for causes that we both care about. A purchase that has a positive cycle of energy!

You can read more about us and our story in our blog.

We ship worldwide and offer FREE SHIPPING within the UK! See worldwide shipping for details.

We have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, we want you to be 100% happy or your money back within 60 days from date of delivery. Please see our returns policy for details.

Happy shopping for your beautiful, meaningful, ethical, sustainable clothing and accessories from LoveSoul!
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