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Balancing Chakras

Your chakras are the core energies of your body and soul, and are transmitters of the energy that you emit and the receptors of the energy that you receive. The frequency of energy that you are emitting is the frequency that you will attract. Therefore, balancing the chakras and creating a free flow of positive energy will allow you to emit energy at the highest frequencies, and you will attract positive, high frequency energies. Such as other people who have high frequency energy, happiness, abundance, and opportunities etc.

Recognising Imbalanced Chakras

If one of the chakras is unbalanced you may feel different or unwell emotionally or even physically. One unbalanced chakra can also unbalance other chakras, as all the chakras need to be open and working in harmony to create a free flow of positive energy...

What are Chakras?

Chakras are made up of energies from our feelings, actions, thoughts, memories and experiences. The energies are stored in the chakras and the healing energy 'prana' is released to effect our present and future mindset, actions, behaviour and emotions....
Following on from our last post where we talked about the dangers that wild bees are currently facing, in this post we will look at what measures are needed to help save bees from going extinct over the coming years, and also what you can do at home to help save the bees...
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