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In this blog we'll tell you the basis of our beliefs, but there is so much to tell you that we'll have to leave most of the details for our future blogs. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.
We have three main passions at LoveSoul that are actually all linked...

Mind, Soul & The Universe - Everything comes down to energy and cycles. The universe, the sun, the moon, the earth... everything in the universe is energy, and everything is on a cycle. To live a happy and positive life (both energies) you need to start with working on raising the energy inside of yourself first. This is why you need to learn to love yourself, as love is one of the highest energy vibrations. Once you love yourself, your energy vibrations rise - positive energies have a higher vibration and negative energies have a lower vibration, the higher the vibration, the further the energy vibration travels. These energy vibrations travel out to everything and everyone around you and out to the universe, have a positive energy effect on those around and the universe and therefore come back to you with high positive vibrations. Another cycle! Trusting the universe, meditation, affirmations, gratitude are all amazing practices we can do every day to learn to love ourselves and to raise our vibration. The more you practice this, the more empowered you become and you can control and manifest anything you want from life. The more people that can live this way, the more positive energy can be spread throughout the world and the universe. 

Vegan & Animal Rights - We firmly believe that all animals, including insects, should not be used, harmed or killed, full stop! Killing is wrong! Animals have just as much right to be on the earth as humans, and their lives matter to the earth just as much (if not more!) as ours. They are sentient beings with emotions and feelings and we do not have a right to use them, abuse them and take their lives. In our eyes we are all born equal onto this earth, we have all been blessed with the greatest gift of life, and no one should be able to take that away. The rate at which we kill animals today is horrific and just unforgivable. We kill over 70 billion land animals and 2 trillion sea animals every year just for food. Considering there are only 7.4 billion people on earth at the moment and only 107 billion people have ever walked the earth, these numbers are obscene. Killing animals on this scale just means that they suffer more and more, during the process of being bred and reared as well as when they're killed in the slaughterhouse. Today, there are so many scientific studies to prove that living on a vegan diet is healthier than eating animal products, therefore, all this killing is for absolutely nothing and is totally unjust.

Earth - is our mother and our home. Earth has taken care of and nurtured life for billions of years, and could do for billions more if it wasn't for humans destruction. It's time to wake up and put a stop to everything that is destroying the environment and start taking care of the earth for future generations. There are so many issues that need to be solved, and could be solved quite easily if everyone cared and pulled together. Living a vegan lifestyle is the single biggest positive effect one person can have on the environment and earth. 

You see all these things are linked because we are all connected by energy. The more positive we are with ourselves, the more positive we are with others which creates positive energy. The more people in the world take care of the earth and all the living creatures on it, the more life and positive energy is created and the more abundant the earth becomes. The circle of life is creating positive energy, taking positive actions, caring and loving for every living thing and the earth - the universe and the earth give us life and love and we return love and life - the cycle is completed and the earth will become abundant and thrive again; and will nurture more life for billions of years to come. Lets all stop taking from the earth; lets all start caring and giving, and the earth and the universe will give life and love back a thousand times more.

We are creating our products in the hope that they help to start creating this positive energy. All of our creations have positive meaningful messages to empower your inner energy and also to inspire others around you to make positive changes within themselves and in their lifestyle. x

A few products from our 3 collections...
All of our products are vegan and eco friendly! We also plant a tree and donate to charity with every item purchased!

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